Gurren Lagann [DUB] Ep.01/02, Chat Rush

July 29, 2008

·Mizumaki Narumi· says:

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Mochi’s back

July 10, 2008

Urg.. I got and take a vacation, thinking that I’d have internet there, and guess what? THE FRICKIN WIRELESS WAS BROKEN. AAAHHHHH. Seeing that the hotel is like… a 20 minute walk across… I can sorta understand why. Anyways, I’ll blog the newest Geass tomorrow… and I’m off to camp with my computer and internet for 3 weeks… Sorry guys! Geass coming back ASAP.

Holy Crap, 3.4 x100 decibels! [Macross Frontier 12]

June 29, 2008

Currently on vacation. Will return soon. During my disappearance, however, enjoy!

EDIT: Okay. It’s official. I cannot write anything about this episode. It’s… It’s just too much. The next gif is all I can say. (both lifted from /m/)

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2 10

June 24, 2008

So that’s where C.C.’s plushie comes from… o_o;; They will still make these pizzas in 20 years? AWESOME.

Lelouch continues his plan to kidnap Tian Zi successfully, Xingke gets pissed and runs after him with the ultimate Knightmare stolen from India that was the original design of the Gurren made by Lakshata… Though this Knightmare is really a killer… literally… Putting Xingke’s life at risk. The Chinese Federation fails ass, and finally, Lelouch is stuck into a corner but decides to put his ULTIMATE PLANNNNN into action after the entrance of the Rounds knights. OH YEAH. Kallen gets caught and becomes a hostage in the middle of all of this. Great..

Rating: 8/10 I love the suspense at the end, but seeing that I’m in a bad mood today, the action isn’t really getting to me right now. I’ll be in a better mood next week.

Seeing that this post is incredibly late, I’m going to do a fast fast summary, and I’ll be skipping next week. *nods* However, I’ll do a proper post for Kure-nai, even if it means that i need to switch back to mac OSX

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[Music] Macross Frontier Debut Single

June 24, 2008

Currently going HOMGAWESOME at Watashi no kare wa PILOT on Ranka Lee/Megumi Nakajima’s debut single CD. Because it’s that much fun, in my opinion.

Needs more carrots/10

Fanservice Frontier 11

June 24, 2008

I… I can’t bring myself to write properly about M-Frontier 11. I’m sorry. It’s just… There was just too much random fanservice detracting from the enjoyment of the series as a whole. I’m actually rather annoyed by it.

Bullet Points:

  • Ranka is cute. Loved the modified Nyan-Nyan commercial.
  • Streets seemed oddly devoid of traffic. Does everyone do what I do and walk everywhere? That would be nice.
  • I still want that damn slug cell phone. Better than Code Geass’ phone, in my opinion.
  • Annoying fanservice moments with Sheryl wearing the bathing suit, and the students crowding to watch.
  • Nice touch with the synchronised planet.
  • Alto-hime yaoi doujinshi inbound
  • Alto-hime also loses terribly for giving up Ranka for Sheryl.
  • Of course, it’s hard to dodge the “real limitless sky” thing that Alto’s always wanted.
  • If VF-27 and Kira Yamato are going with Sheryl and Alto, does that mean they’ll fight together instead of against each other? High-performance custom machine alongside grunt machine, FTW!
  • Ranka’s diary ED = awesome cuteness
  • Also would like to note that the VF design may be one of the best possible mech designs at all. High speed or high maneuverability to avoid the beam rifle or energy weapon being pointed at you, good firepower in the form of either the gatling gun (VF-25) or energy rifle (VF-27, Mikhail’s sniper-type), missile spam, and apparently ‘energy conversion armor’ on other marks. The fighter mode is definitely superior to ZGMF-X10A Freedom (Gundam SEED)’s High Maneuverability Aerial Tactics mode, and probably more maneuverable than MSN-006 Zeta Gundam’s waverider form, too. I don’t even want to think about how badly XXXG-00W0 Wing Zero’s Bird Mode would kill this. Frickin’ Wing.

Good excuse.

June 23, 2008

Because we all know that playing some MMORPG is a great distraction from blogging one or two anime series once a week or so. Or have you been distracted by each other? I’d say BOTH.

As for my whereabouts, I haven’t gone anywhere. I’m still here. I check the blog daily. But what am I supposed to blog at this point? I have no access to the goddamn episodes for Nabari no Ou anymore, and god knows who the hell even cares about the KHR anime.

While I’m well aware this post will be deleted sooner or later, I might as well put on a fair show before I take my final leave from the stage.

I think I’ll just leave the blogging up to Daniel and Mochi. I never liked being a third-wheel anyway. Probably shouldn’t have joined and wasted everyone’s time in the first place. Oh well.

Sorry if I sounded rude.